Who pushed fast forward?

Seriously, who pushed the fast forward button on the past year? Today is the last day that I can say my little guy is “almost one.” Tomorrow, he’ll be a whole year old, and at the rate we’re going, he’ll be driving by Christmas. At least, that’s how it feels.

One year ago, I went to my OB appointment while my daughter waited in the parking lot with my mom. In the two weekends previous, I had attended my brother’s wedding 6 hours away, helped put on a class reunion, and stayed up almost two nights straight with a croupy toddler. Plus, I’m pretty sure my husband went out of town for a couple days somewhere in there. I was 39+ weeks pregnant and DONE. The heartburn and fatigue were about to do me in. My husband, trying to be sweet and proactive, asked me what foods gave me heartburn so that he could make other things, and I responded, “Food. Food, water, and breathing give me heartburn.” Poor guy. So, I was all in when my OB said she could work a little magic to get labor going. I waddled out the the car and told my mom that today was the day!

He was born at exactly midnight on November 4th. All the work was done on the 3rd, so we got to start out the 4th with our new little squishy baby.

Looking back on pictures, I realize that my daughter was not much more than a baby herself when we rocked her world. I thought she was so big at the time! People ask if she likes her baby brother, and I am so happy that I never have to hesitate to answer. She loves him SO MUCH. Maybe a little too much at times, but luckily, he’s been a pretty sturdy child from the get-go and survived her loving squeezes. Second children are born a little tougher, I think.

When little Buddy was born, I had such an odd realization. I loved this brand new person so very much, but knew nothing about him. I had no idea what his temperament would be, what songs he liked, if he liked swinging or rocking, Coke or Pepsi, boxers or briefs. . . There was so much to learn!

I learned quickly that he hated the car. HATED IT. Unless all of his needs were perfectly met and it was the third Tuesday at exactly 2:34 pm, he hated the car. That made running errands really fun for about 9 months. I got in the habit of singing the ABC’s when he would start crying to try to at least distract him and let him know I was near. His sister caught on to this and will still start the ABC’s when he fusses in the car. Either that, or say with exasperation, “Buddy, I KNOW you’re sad. We’ll be there soon.” When he’s not in the car, he is a really pleasant child.

It has been really fun to watch his personality develop.  He has the sweetest smile and such bright, happy eyes! In the last month, he started being so silly that he always has us laughing. He likes to fake laugh, fake cough, and squeal to get your attention. He grabs anything rectangular and puts it to his ear to say, “Allo?” He puts literally everything in his mouth. The entire house has to be continually baby proofed because I could fill a dump truck with the items that he has put in his mouth. I keep telling him, “You are giving me gray hair!” which my daughter interpreted as, “I’m turning gray,” which translates to the scene from Trolls where Poppy loses her color. She was pretty worried for a hot minute.

I really learned to embrace babywearing this time around. Little guy has been pretty attached from the beginning, but I couldn’t just sit on the couch and cuddle with him all day since I needed to take care of big sis (we started potty training her when the baby was like two months old. I wiped many bottoms while simultaneously breastfeeding. That time period is a blur to me now.). So, we learned to love the Moby wrap until he outgrew that and we moved to a soft-structured carrier.

Thank heavens he goes to sleep easier than his sister ever did. I still don’t sleep as much as I’d like because he has an internal alarm that goes off precisely ten minutes after my head hits the pillow, and he still nurses once a night, but at least he will sleep in his crib most of the night and take a decent solo nap during the day. He still finds his way into our bed most nights (because I’m too exhausted to put him back in his own), but the extra cuddles are nice and he wakes up pretty happy.

I just can’t believe how fast this year has flown by. I feel like his first few months were just a blur and now all of a sudden he’s standing and babbling and becoming this little person instead of a squishy little baby. I’m grateful that I usually have my phone handy, because I can look back on all of my pictures and videos and relive each adorable stage.

Happy birthday, little Bud! Mom, Dad, and Roo love you!

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