What I want to say, versus what I actually say, Part 1

This is a “Part 1” because, honestly, there will likely be a million more cases like this.


Internal me:
I have HAD IT with this neighbor parking his landscape equipment trailer across from our driveway! I can barely back my van out!
What I want to say:
“Listen, you need to find a new place to park. I’m sick of having to test the turn radius of my van every time I back out.”
What I actually say:
“Um, heeyyyy, I mean, I know you have to park somewhere, and I really don’t care if you park in front of my house, but would you mind please parking your trailer between driveways? It would sure make getting out of my driveway easier!”


The funny thing is, I still feel bad about confronting him even though he was really nice about it and I was in the running for “meekest annoyed person ever.”


Anyone else have a really hard time being direct with someone? If there is a path around a tough topic, you can bet I’m gonna take it!


What do you think?