Wednesday Wares: Concealer and my Fairy Godmother at Sephora

This post is the first in my new Wednesday series: Where, Wear, Ware Wednesday. This is where I’ll post “Where” we go, things that I “Wear,” and reviews of different “Wares.” What can I say? I like consecutive consonants 😉

Earlier this week, the kids and I met a friend and her kids at the mall to play. The inside of the mall opens before the stores, so we figured it would be the least-germy time to play on the indoor playground.

Since we were just going to play for a bit, I wore some athletic wear and pulled my hair up into a messy bun. Now, when I say messy bun, you probably think of those cute, perfectly teased, perched precisely at the ideal spot messy buns. This was not that type. I thought it was when I left the house, but a glance in the bathroom mirror after our playdate told me otherwise. I had baby hairs sticking up everywhere and was starting to look a lot more frazzled than I actually was.

Once the kids got a post-playdate snack at Chick-Fil-A, we decided we could shop for a little bit before needing naps. I had run out of my usual concealer, and the drugstore brand I had bought was clearly not doing its job very well as I looked like I could use about a week of sleep.

Enter Sephora.

I pushed the double stroller to the doors of Sephora, and probably looked like I had just entered a foreign country. Wide eyed, and totally lost, I looked left and right as I crossed the threshold while making sure the three year old wasn’t testing lipsticks. Thankfully, one of the sales associates noticed my “OMG TOO MANY CHOICES” look, and sweetly asked if there was anything I was looking for in particular.

Usually, I do my best to avoid eye contact with sales associates because, “I’m fine! Just looking, thanks!” but this time, I had no idea where to start. I have primarily bought makeup from Mary Kay for the last several years, so this makeup wonderland was a little overwhelming.

I told the girl with perfectly-blended foundation and flawless brows, “UM, I need some concealer. Something thick because it’s got to cover some serious dark circles.” Of course, she knew exactly where to go. She asked if I wanted it to perfectly match my skin or if I wanted to go lighter to “brighten.” Um, honey, the only way we can go lighter is if you slap a makeup label on some zinc oxide. So, we matched it to my skin.

Here’s where the even better part of her customer service comes in: they were out of my color, so she made an adorable sample size for me and now the full size bottle is being shipped to my house! When she told me they were out of stock, I was thinking “Uggggh, okay, I’ll have to come back, because this stuff is great.” But, thanks to their great customer service, I don’t have to make a special trip back to the mall.

Do you want to hear the even better part of her customer service? Once we got the concealer situation handled, she asked if there was anything else I needed help to find. I said, “No, this is it!” And listen, she said, “Okay, great, have a good day!” No pushy sales, no “Oh, but you need this $54 dollar brush to apply it,” nothing! So, thank you, Sephora associate, for helping me find the perfect concealer and respecting that it was ALL I needed.

And thank you for not judging my Ms. Trunchbull-looking messy bun.


(I ended up getting Tarte Marajuca Creaseless Concealer, if you’re curious. And yes, I got the lightest shade they offer, haha. I’ll update with some before and after pictures soon. I tried taking some, but I have one eye that opens bigger than the other and it was in overdrive this morning, so I looked a little wacky…)




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