The Top 10 Things I’ve Learned from Other People on the Internet

Welcome to my Friday Fun Series. On Fridays, I will either publish food-related posts (Food Friday) or share bloggers or people that I think you should know (New Friend Friday). This post kicks off the “New Friend Friday” category! I will share someone awesome with you every other week (ideally). They may be fellow bloggers, fellow moms, or just another fellow human who is really killin’ it. This week, I’m listing my top ten lessons from other internet people. Next time, I’ll focus on just one person.

Ever since I got a smart phone, I have felt like I can find the answer to anything I want to know in an instant. I’ve spent an immeasurable amount of time typing questions into Google or browsing Pinterest over the last several years to find answers to my questions. But in all that searching, I’ve learned really valuable, useful knowledge that I call on constantly. Part of my reason for starting this blog was so that I could add to the wealth of knowledge and experiences accessible to anyone searching for answers to their questions.

So, now I’m going to share with you: The Top 10 Things I’ve Learned from Other People on the Internet!

1.) My FAVORITE kitchen trick to share with people. . . You can shred chicken in a KitchenAid mixer. I searched for the original post, but the blogger switched sites and the link is broken. You bake or boil your chicken breasts, pull them out of the oven or the pot and toss them straight into the mixer. Keep it to four breasts at the most in the bowl. I throw a towel over the top of the mixer so that I don’t end up with chicken bits everywhere. Turn it on low and let the paddle attachment work its magic! I have never shredded chicken any other way. You’re welcome for this life-changing tip. You can stop reading now if you’re satisfied.

2.) You can boil rags to get the smell out. I posted in a mothers group on Facebook recently because no matter how I washed our kitchen washcloths and the kids’ washcloths, they smelled funky! I tried vinegar, bleach, baking soda (not all together!), and nothing really helped. Another group member suggested boiling them. So, I dug out the biggest pot I had, loaded it with the offensive dish rags, filled it with water, and set it to boil. I felt like a pioneer woman with my boiling laundry and big wooden spoon to stir, but I was willing to try it. Lo and behold, it worked!! No more funky rags. Thank you, fellow mom.

3.) Windex cleans microfiber seats. I am not liable for you ruining your furniture because you didn’t do a test spot. That’s on you. Anyway, I thought upholstered seats at our dining table would be comfortable, so I didn’t think twice about how they would hold up with kids. Because I ordered them before we had any so I had no clue. Fast forward four years and two kids later and those chairs have taken a beating. But luckily, I learned that Windex and a scrub brush can freshen those chairs right up!

4.) Sometimes your strong willed toddler just needs a hug. Or a brick wall. A relative shared a couple articles on Facebook in the past that really made me think. My daughter is a really good kid, but she has a hard head and can get some pretty big emotions if the stars aren’t aligned correctly (i.e., she’s hungry or tired). One article claims a ten minute hug will stop the whining. I’ve tried it when her emotions are getting the best of her, and honestly, it’s worked for us. Sometimes, she just needs a long hug to reset to her sweet self. The other article discusses the role of parents in a strong-willed child’s life. To paraphrase, our girl might run the country one day, but she isn’t going to run us. At least, I try really hard to stay strong. I’m a work in progress.

5.) Sugar cookies can be amazing. I found a recipe for the best melt-in-your-mouth sugar cookies ever. SO YUMMY!! I’m linking my post about them, but the original recipe is linked in my post.

6.) The arrow by the gas pump symbol on your gas gauge tells you which side has the tank. Maybe this is common knowledge, but I just found this out about 3 years ago thanks to a random stranger on the internet. It’s saved me many embarrassing re-parking situations. I won’t tell anyone if this is your first time learning this useful fact. Just think of me next time you check your dashboard as you’re pulling up next to the pump. You’re welcome.

7.) Chia seeds help smoothies freeze better. I love smoothies, but they’re a lot of work to make one at a time. So I followed this blogger’s instructions (mostly) for make-ahead smoothies and made batches of them! My husband likes to take them to work as a meal replacement. The chia seeds help the smoothies keep a nice texture when they thaw instead of just turning to juice. You can follow my Pinterest boards at: if you’d like to see other great recipes!

8.) Diastasis Recti means DON’T DO CRUNCHES. Really, I could make a whole post about the crazy stuff that pregnancy does to our bodies, but I think this one is important for people to realize. Have two decently big babies made my abs say “see ya later!” to each other and they are just now coming back together for a reunion. I’m the world’s worst person to talk exercise with, but I have learned that crunches makes the separation worse. So don’t do them. I’m still not sure what you ARE supposed to do, just don’t do crunches.

9.) Postpartum anxiety is a thing that not enough people know about even though it affects so many. I learned more about it in this ScaryMommy article and am sharing it with you now in hopes that it can reach someone who needs to read it. This is my PSA of the day.

10.) KonMari folding will change your life. I have folded almost everything this way in my drawers and in the kids’ rooms. My husband even converted to this way of folding and he’s happy that he’s not wearing the same five shirts over and over because he can actually SEE all of his t-shirts. I love it because we can all see what we have without rooting around and making a mess of our clothes. This is a simple change that can make your day SO much easier.

What have you learned from other people on the internet? I want to hear your favorite nugget of knowledge!

14 Replies to “The Top 10 Things I’ve Learned from Other People on the Internet”

  1. this is fantastic! I feel like when i leanred the chicken in the kitchenaid trick my life was change haha. I didnt know windex cleaned microfiber chairs tho! (grabs windex and starts spraying!) also, that cookie recipe looks liek something i need to add to my collection! Thanks!

  2. I have some new life hacks to try out! I think the boiling to get smell out is a good hack that I might have to try at work; I do senior care and sometimes the urine smell just does not come out of towels and bed pads!

    1. I was amazed that it actually worked!! I think my washing machine just doesn’t get hot enough for the smell to get out, but boiling them worked like a charm!

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