This Thing Thursday: Meteor Edition

Welcome to my Thursday series… It’s called “This Thing Thursday” because I like alliterations. It’s the place where any post can go that doesn’t quite fit on one of my other days.

My daughter loves to talk about space and the planets, which is really cool, especially considering what Elon Musk just did!

She usually talks about how Saturn is her favorite, and that her sister lives on Saturn. (She doesn’t have a sister, so I’m thinking this is her imaginary friend.) Today, she told me that Saturn’s rings “are made of GAS!” I gently corrected her by telling her that they’re actually made of millions of rocks. She responded, “Yeah, and GAS!” She’s three, so we’ll leave it alone.

The Planets, According to Roo

“There’s Mercury. It’s a hot one.”

“That’s Beenus.” Thankfully, her V’s have moved to sounding more like B’s and less like P’s.

“That’s Earth that we live on!”Every time we watch a Universal movie.

“Mars is the RED planet. Do we go to Mars?”

“Saturn has rings! It’s my favorite.”

“Jupiter has a red spot! It goes swirl and swirl”

“Eeeranus. I think my brother lives on Eeeranus.”

She doesn’t really ever mention Neptune or Pluto, but there’s plenty of time to learn that before she enters the space program.

Today’s Meteor Report

I didn’t even know she knew what a meteor was, but, she’s always surprising me! I was getting her ready for bed, and she had one hand in a fist (Earth) and the other was heading towards it (the meteor).
“Mom, there’s a meteor heading for Earth! What are we gonna do?!”
Well, goodness, I don’t know!
“Here it comes! (As Earth) ‘Hey, meteor! Stop!’ (As meteor) ‘Why?’ (Earth) ‘Because I have all the people here and you can’t just crash into me and hurt the people.'”
What happens next?!
“Oh, the meteor decided to go somewhere else. (As Earth) ‘Bye meteor! See ya soon! Maybe we’ll play together sometime when you don’t want to crash into me!'”

Who knew that Earth and the meteors worked it out like that?

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