The Multi-Project Pumpkin: Part 5 of 5!

I want to go ahead and share the last installment of my project series! My goal with this progression of activities was to provide fun, simple ideas for fall projects using the same pumpkin over and over with supplies you might already own! They are great activities for parents to do with their children, therapists to do with clients, or even teachers to do with their class! For large groups, the activities could easily be completed on orange paper plates.

To recap:

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This week is all about finishing off the pumpkins. I completed these parts because Roo decided she was done painting and wanted to go watch Splash and Bubbles.

DSC_0489 (2)

A few lines of black paint and you have a happy little pumpkin, ready for display!

This one is a great opportunity to work on some fine motor skills!

DSC_0493 (2)

Thank you for following along with my kid-friendly pumpkin ideas!

Have you tried any of these ideas at home? Comment below and tell me about it!!

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