The Multi-Project Pumpkin! Part 2 of 5

Welcome to Part 2 of the Pumpkin Project Series! If you missed out last week, we gave our pumpkins a bath to prep them for all of our fun activities.

This week, we’re turning our blank canvases into faces! Roo has a couple copies of a sticker book that has animal eyes, noses, and mouths. I pulled out a few sheets of those stickers and we talked about which facial features she needed for her pumpkin! Now, if you don’t have stickers similar to these, I’d suggest cutting out shapes from construction paper and attaching tape to the back. I’m all about using what you have!

DSC_0470 (2)

When I did this activity as a therapist, I wanted some stickers with a longer lifespan, so I purchased a set of facial features made of foam. You can find sets of these at craft stores, or sometimes in the Halloween section of the big box stores. I had a set one year that had Frankenstein’s monster style stitches, vampire teeth, and funny glasses to add to the children’s pumpkin face creations!

My daughter liked picking out “blue eyes like me!” to make her cute little pumpkin face.  She has a good grasp on where the eyes, nose, and mouth are in relation to one another, but a smaller child may need some guidance.

DSC_0471 (2)She ended up using pieces of stickers to make a mouth and nose like she wanted. Her masterpiece was completed pretty quickly, because she wanted to move onto the next activity! On a normal day, though, that pumpkin would have been just covered in stickers. She is not one to go easy on the stickers.

Stickers or construction paper face shapes (or the foam shapes if you can find them!)

Fine motor skills (peeling stickers off, placing them, tearing them if needed)
Visual motor skills (placing stickers in desired locations on the pumpkin)
Body awareness (knowing where to place facial features in relation to one another)
Visual scanning skills (using both eyes together to search for the desired stickers)

Now your pumpkins are ready to display for another week! Check in next week for our next pumpkin project!

What are your favorite fall activities?

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