The BEST time to shop at Sam’s Club!

You want to know my favorite way to shop? In BULK. Why would I want to put granola bars on my shopping list every week or two when I can buy a big box that will last us a couple months? I save so much money on my grocery budget over the course of the year by going to Sam’s Club and stocking up on items that my family loves. I’ve price compared with other stores, and even by using coupons, I have a hard time beating the prices I can get at Sam’s. Each month, there are different items that get discounted, so the already low prices are even lower! That’s when I really stock up on things like baby wipes, paper towels, and peanut butter. The essentials.

I just went last week to buy food for my son’s first birthday party and replenish our pantry. I walked out with a couple more items than I went in for (of course) because they have put out their Christmas toys and decorations! Now, I know what you’re thinking, isn’t Sam’s Club just food and gigantic packs of toilet paper? Nope! I have already bought a few Christmas presents here because, again, the prices are better than I have found anywhere else for the same exact items! My daughter will be so excited when she sees the double stroller for her dolls that I found!

Personally, I’ve been really happy with my membership. If you’ve been on the fence about joining, this coming weekend could make it all worth it! Sam’s Club is having a huge one day pre-holiday sale on November 11th. If you’re wanting to get a head start on Christmas shopping or are searching for some items for yourself like a phone or TV, do yourself a favor and at least check out the sale! It starts at 7AM, but if you’re like me and are more likely to stay up past midnight than be somewhere by 7, shopping starts online at 12:01 EST.

There’s a couple big-ticket items that look like so much fun for the younger crowd! I love open-ended toys, because they promote developing imaginations and cooperative play! KidKraft has a PawPatrol Adventure Bay Table as well as a Sparkle Mansion Dollhouse that will both be on sale this weekend. (Each are $99.98 plus free shipping, which is a $50 savings!! That is an amazing price for a KidKraft play set.) My kids have a KidKraft kitchen at home and after two years of almost daily play, it is still in perfect shape, minus the stickers my daughter used to “decorate.”

While you’re shopping for Christmas presents, you should take a look at the holiday decor. I’m not advocating early Christmas decorating, but you might as well be prepared for November 23rd, when we can officially start celebrating the next holiday. I like this set in particular:

One move I’m considering is getting the Sam’s Club Consumer Credit Card*. If you open a new card on November 4-12, you get $45 to spend in the store that same day. That would pay for the basic membership fee for the year! Plus, you can save $50+ on a lot of items during this sale, so if it’s money you were already going to spend for Christmas, why not make it work for you? I can’t finish out this post without telling you one more money-saving tip for this sale: Extreme Value Gift Cards are on sale. So, you pay $35 for a $50 value gift card (or $70 for $100 value) for restaurants and stores that you or your family likely visit at some point in the year.

Seriously, take a look at this sale! I just had to share all of these wonderful deals that you could use to make your holiday and grocery dollars stretch a little further!

Happy shopping!



*I am not responsible for anyone opening a credit card who shouldn’t! Charge responsibly, people. Use them for their rewards, but pay off the balance ASAP, and don’t spend more than you have the cash for at that moment.

Disclosure: This post was not in any way sponsored by Sam’s Club, however, the images were provided by Sam’s Club and their website with their permission. All opinions are strictly my own. I just really love Sam’s Club. 

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