Sriracha Egg Salad

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Because I want to show my appreciation to you for visiting my blog, I’m putting the recipe first. “You’re welcome!” (Sung in a Maui voice from Moana, of course.)

Sriracha Egg Salad (1)

We go through a lot of Sriracha in this house. Like, a lot. And really, only one person uses it. I’m not naming names, but he’s the tallest person in our house and he looks like Matt Damon.

I’m not a big hot sauce person, but I do like a little bit of the sriracha flavor here and there. So, when we were looking for a quick lunch recipe to whip up this weekend, I thought I’d incorporate my husband’s favorite flavor into one of our go-to quick foods.

DSC_0508 (2)

Egg salad is one of our tried and true solutions for a quick, filling meal. I like hardboiled eggs, but I really dislike the prep work. These handy little packs that I found at Sam’s Club have the eggs already cooked and peeled for you! Boom! Easy peasy.

DSC_0499 (2)

This is everything you need to make our egg salad! If you are looking for a healthier version, you can replace the mayo with mashed avocado. I’ve done that before and the texture and flavor are about the same as using mayonnaise.

First, get your ingredients ready! Next, separate your whites and your yolks. Third, chop your whites into small pieces. I used a pastry blender to get it done a little quicker.


I treat this egg salad kind of like a looser deviled egg filling. I don’t really like when I get dry yolk bits in my egg salad, so I incorporate it into the mayo mixture, which makes it all creamy and delicious. So, you add your dry ingredients to the egg yolks, then add in your mayo and sriracha. I used the pastry blender to break up the yolks before adding the wet ingredients.

DSC_0503 (2)

Ta-da! Here’s your simple, protein packed meal! We like to spread it on toast, but you could use crackers instead!

DSC_0507 (2)What’s a quick, easy lunch you like to make?

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