These shoes were made for toddlin’!

Disclosure: These moccasins were given in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are strictly my own. 

Anyone who has been around my little guy lately knows that he is on the MOVE! He is walking and climbing all over the house. It seems like just a week ago, he was cautiously holding on to the side of the couch as he would get up the balance to stand on his own. Now, he is climbing up on the couch to get the remote or to steal my snacks before you can blink an eye. I’ve even caught him climbing up on to the dining room table! (Usually to take his sister’s drink) There is just no rest for this mama. I swear I find a new gray hair every day lately.

Since Buddy is so very mobile, I can’t get away with sticking some socks on his feet and heading out the door like I could in the pre-walking days. And honestly, he won’t keep his socks on anyway. He thinks it’s a game to see how fast he can get his shoes and socks off after I buckle him in. A game that is only hilarious to him and probably his big sister. This is where Freshly Picked moccasins come in handy! The design of these shoes make it impossible for him to pull them off! Plus, they’re so soft and flexible that I think he forgets he’s wearing them.


Personally, I like to let my kids go barefoot at home as much as possible. They get valuable sensory input through their feet, like the different textures of the wood floor versus the rug. I also think that playing sans shoes helps them be more mindful of what is on the floor so that they don’t step on something painful. When my kids wear athletic shoes, they tend to be a lot more careless about where they step. That results in ripped book pages and broken toys!  Nobody likes that!

The problem with going barefoot in the Midwest in the winter is that our floors just get chilly! So, I love being able to put something warm on my toddler’s toes to keep them from getting too cool. The soft, flexible bottom still lets him get that important feedback from his feet about hard surfaces, squishy rugs, and toys. I just love this gray pair! They’re great for playing at home, but  are durable enough to wear them out of the house as well! Plus, they look SO CUTE when I dress him up to go out! Can’t wait to put him in a pair of corduroys and a button up with these little penny loafers!

Have you tried Freshly Picked moccs for your kiddo?

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