Rainbow Party Ice!

My daughter recently turned three, and as many three year olds across the country are, she loves the Trolls movie. The characters are fixtures in our house. She had a phase where everyone had a Trolls nickname (my husband was Guy Diamond, which is my favorite just after my grandparents being Satin and Chenille). So naturally, her third birthday party was Trolls themed. We kept it pretty small and simple this year, because I just did not have the time or willpower to pull together a Pinterest party while chasing after her and our (at the time) 6 months old boy. 

We stuck to her favorite for the meal: pepperoni pizza and some fruit. My mom made an adorable Poppy cupcake cake. And to drink, we had what I called “Trolls punch.”

I’ve seen many Pins about making rainbow ice cubes from Kool Aid or using fresh fruit, and those are all great ideas, but I found a super easy way to make a rainbow drink. Y’know those freeze pops that are like $1.00 for 100? There are your colored ice cubes! All the colors you could want with very little effort on your part. 

I broke them into ice cube sizes and coordinated the colors so that they didn’t melt into a bruise. You could even name the cups by which character the resemble- Poppy would be pink and red, Smidge is green and yellow, etc. But anyway, I did this part ahead of time and put the cups back into the freezer until just before time to serve drinks. Once you’re ready to give out the Trolls (or whatever rainbow theme you’re going for…) punch, just pour your favorite clear soda over it and watch the colors mix! I would advise having the soda cold so that your cubes last longer. 

This was a super easy way to add a little fun to our party! It is definitely not the most nutritious addition to a meal, but that’s what makes it a fun treat!

Now I gotta run, I just wanna finish my laundry before dinner. 


2 Replies to “Rainbow Party Ice!”

  1. OMG I watch Trolls every day these days. Babystar just got obsessed. We def watch more tv when the weather is cold. Shhh don’t tell her but I really like the Trolls. And I LOVE the new Holla-Day movie!!

    1. We went through a huge Trolls phase! We haven’t watched the new Holla-Day movie yet because I got it for the kids as a treat when we run off and leave them with my parents for a couple days this week for an out of town wedding.

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