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Disclosure: I received a complimentary Date Night In Box in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

My husband and I have been together for a long, long time for our age. We’ve experienced several stages of dating together: high school movie nights, college dance bars, fancy dinners as a newly married couple, and now, sporadic dates when we realize we haven’t gone out in a while.

8 years ago! We were so young and well rested.

Going on dates after kids is a lot harder than before kids. There’s the logistics of who will watch them and where. How do I get myself ready without getting jelly stains on my sweater from one of them. If my husband’s been out of town recently, he doesn’t want to spend too many evenings away from the kids. It’s always so good to get out for a couple hours together, but it’s a lot of work to get there sometimes.

Cue Date Night In. We decided to give this “Date Night In Box” a try. It’s a curated box that includes access to a special playlist, meal suggestions, an activity, a game, and a treat! It sounded like a great way to have an at-home date that was more unique than watching some TV and eating ice cream after the kids were in bed.

Luckily, we ended up with a night alone at home this weekend as the kids were at their grandparents’ house. We went out to a nice dinner and then came home to our ready made date. I’ll be honest. We changed into our sweatpants the minute we walked in the door. This was going to be a comfy date night.

My husband cued up the Spotify playlist, which was designed to fit the “Delivered with Love” Parisian theme of our box. I warmed the chocolate crepes, and we got all set up to begin. The chocolate crepes were delicious, by the way. We skipped the suggested recipes because we had already eaten our fill at dinner!

The first activity was the “Love Languages Quiz.” It’s from the book , “The 5 Love Languages,” by Gary Chapman. The included booklet gives a brief overview of each “language.” It was interesting to see what our difference were once the scores were tallied. We both value quality time very highly, as well as acts of service and physical touch. But while “Words of affirmation” aren’t necessarily how I feel most loved, he does like those verbal reassurances. I felt silly, but “Receiving gifts” made it onto my list, but not his. He’s the one who always knows 15 things that he’d like to buy. But for me, getting a gift (anything from a card or a surprise tea, to a birthday present)is less about what the gift is, and is more about knowing that he thought of me and made a special effort to find something he knew I’d like. We’ve been together for over 13 years and just learned some new things about each other!

The next activity was an “escape room” style game. Once we got in the groove of solving the little clues, it was fun! I’d like to do another one! We did have to get some hints from the Date Night In hints page. . . Thank goodness for those. We solved the puzzles and our fictional characters only ended up being an hour early to their train! I’ll count that as a win.

Aren’t those notepads adorable? And the toys in the background just add to the “we have small children” ambiance of our home.

Another part of the box involved writing letters to each other. We used to write letters all the time in college because we didn’t have unlimited texting and our schools were four hours apart. So, it had been a while. Luckily, there were prompts to get us started, and they included the cutest little notepads for our love notes. (I can’t hear the phrase “love notes” without thinking of The Little Rascals. “I’m not writin’ a love note, I’m writin’ a hate note! Dear Darla. . .” You know the rest). The notes were sweet with just the right amount of cheesiness. One of the prompts said, “The most precious gift you have ever given me is. . . ” and we both answered “Our kids, duh.”

Overall, we both had a fun experience with the Date Night In Box. It helped facilitate more conversation and make more memories than just watching a food show and going to bed. We could definitely do a Date Night In Box after the kids are in bed! Sometimes we just get so caught up in going through the motions of day to day life that we forget to slow down and take some dedicated time for each other. Want to check it out? Click here. 



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