My New Friend, Darlene!

Welcome to “New Friend Friday!” Every other Friday, I’ll introduce you to someone new! It could be anyone from another blogger to a local business owner. I’ve gotten to meet some really great people lately, and I want to share them with you! 

I am so excited to share this week’s friend with you! I enjoy reading every. single. one. of her blog posts. First off, she has a great sense of humor and will reference Mean Girls on the regular. I literally laughed out loud when I read the first paragraph about NoVa’s Hottest New (Kids) Club.  Stefan’s bit on weekend update is one of my favorites!

Darlene keeps a running total of how much she has spent on her two year old. It is as interesting and terrifying as you’d think. I admire her dedication to the project! I would for sure be estimating by week 3, and totally drop it by month 2. (Don’t forget, Darlene, keep it for the Smithsonian!! We need to see your total at 18!)

She was kind enough to answer a whole bunch of questions for me so that you all could get to know her better.

Darlene Dee is mom to three awesome monster children, ages 21, 18 and TWO. She likes to say that she re-enlisted. A lot had changed in the Mommy World since her first two were babies, so she decided to keep track of just how much it costs to raise this last little monster at babycostsmoney.comShe is also currently the Managing Editor of Hulafrog Boulder despite having only lived in Colorado since January.  Darlene can usually be found playing hide-and-seek with the ToddlerMonster, staring at the mountains, or googling how to raise chickens as she somehow landed on a farm in Boulder, Colorado and would love fresh eggs.

1. Your blog has been one of my absolute favorites since I started blogging. I think I actually found you on WordPress when I was browsing, before I joined any groups. Your running total of how much raising Babystar has cost is somewhat terrifying, but every post is so funny. I love it. 

Anyway, what inspired you to start blogging?
Wow thank you! That is really awesome to hear. I started blogging years ago, but I didn’t know anything about hashtags or categories or anything. I just wrote posts about (mostly failed) DIY projects because I like to write. (I just looked. It’s still there: I don’t even remember the login information anymore.)
I thought BabyCostsMoney would be exactly the same, but I really wanted to keep track of how much I spent to raise this kid because 245k seemed ridiculous. It no longer seems ridiculous, btw. Somehow along the way, I made other blogger friends and figured out some basics and it’s like one of my favorite things now.
2. I need to know. How long as your hair been purple? I think it is awesome, and I kind of wish my hair was a fun color sometimes, but it’s dark brown and would be a whole lot of trouble to dye anything except like. . . black. So, I’m a little envious 🙂 
My hair used to be brown. You can do it!! I’ve dyed my hair forever, but I’ve only been purple for about three years. I started with purple highlights. Then I did a swath of purple underneath my brown hair. One day over a year ago, I decided to go all the way. I did purple on top and blue underneath and I love it and I’m never going back. Maybe.
3. What is your favorite cheesy movie and why should I watch it ASAP?
OMG ALL of the Hallmark Christmas movies. My 18yo daughter and I DEVOUR them every year. We fill up the DVR and just watch them nonstop from November to January. We still have like thirty left and we will probably watch them before June. We have totally discovered an underlying Hallmark Christmas movie truth: If a woman does really really good at her career, she will get a husband as a reward. Next time you watch one, test it. It works EVERY SINGLE TIME.

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