My New Friend, Britt with the n-e-y!

Welcome to “New Friend Friday!” Every other Friday, I’ll introduce you to someone new! It could be anyone from another blogger to a local business owner. I’ve gotten to meet some really great people lately, and I want to share them with you! 

This week, I want to you to meet Brittney, from She’s the Honest Mom. I love reading her blog because she’s (obviously) honest, funny, and has a strong GIF game. You HAVE to read her post about her recent Pinterest Fail. The end product turned out cute, but her story was cracking me up!! 

Without further adieu, let’s meet The Honest Mom!


I am a working mom to a wild and crazy 10 month old named Olivia. I became a mom in April, and I would tell my friends all my mom stories and I LOVED telling these honest and real stories about my adventures in motherhood. Finally, in November I decided to start blogging about it and I fell in love with it. I love the humor of motherhood and I feel like a lot of mothers don’t discuss the humor and realness that we live every day. It’s not always rainbows and sunshine, sometimes it’s poop explosions and throw up!

So cute!

1. First off, I need to recognize your skillful use of GIFs. I love GIFs and you always pick the best one to enhance what you’re saying in your blog posts.
Anyway, how did you pick your blog name? 

Thank you! haha I always try to imagine myself telling my story out loud and I try to pick gifs that would reflect the faces or things I would actually say while telling the story. I think it makes it a lot more personal, and shows readers my personality a little more. I picked my blog name because I wanted something that would immediately tell readers what my goal is, which is to bring a more honest light to motherhood. It just felt like a good fit.

2. You are an awesome working-mama! I did it after kid one, but have stayed home since kid two. I miss the uninterrupted meals and leisurely bathroom breaks. What moments do you savor at work? 
The thing that I savor most is definitely being able to talk to people that actually talk back! Olivia usually just ignores me or gives me crazy looks! I also love not having to share my lunch and/or having to eat it cold! Also, the bathroom of course!! It is nice to pee in peace! I really do love working, I always have, but motherhood has definitely changed my perspective on it. Obviously I still work, but now I think I work more for being able to provide for Olivia, as opposed to working just because I love working.
3. What is your favorite cheesy movie and why should I watch it ASAP? 
 hmmm.. My favorite cheesy movie.. so many to choose from! haha Probably Mean Girls! You definitely need to watch it (I’m sure you already have!) because it is so true and applicable to motherhood. There are SO many ‘mean moms’ out there and it is an important lesson to make the conscious choice not to become one. In a world full of judging people, don’t follow the crowd! Be a source of support for other moms!
(I knew I liked her!!) 
4. How do you hope people describe you? 
I hope that people describe me as honest first of all. I also hope people think I’m funny, at least sometimes… but really, I just hope that people find me real and relateable. I hope that people see me as someone they want to be friends with and laugh or joke with. I think the world needs more people like that.
5. What is the best piece (or pieces) of advice you have gotten as a mother? 
The best piece of advice I’ve gotten as a mother was from my sister-in-law aka my best mom friend ever! She has a daughter a little older than Olivia. She told me that no matter what I do, or no matter how I feel that I’m doing as a mom, Olivia will love me regardless. I think that is the most important thing for moms to realize. We all doubt ourselves so much, but our kids will love us unconditionally, and still think we are the greatest.
(So true!) 
6. Which blog post of yours is your favorite? Why is that? 
 I think my first post, “Lady Gaga Made Me Do It“, is my favorite of all time. I don’t like it because I think it is my best post that I’ve done, but it is the story that made me decide to start blogging. After that story happened, I told a lot of my friends and they all had similar experiences. It made me wonder just how many other moms out there could relate to my shenanigans.
(Go read it! It’s short and so funny!) 
7. What is your comfort food? Or foods? In other words, what food are you about to make me crave? 
Oh man.. I AM ALL ABOUT THE BUFFALO CHICKEN. My obsession is disturbing. I actually make pulled buffalo chicken wraps for my husband and myself every Friday! Honestly, anything fried, cheesy, or covered in hot sauce I love, which is probably why I gained 80 lbs during pregnancy!
(Ohhh man, Britt with the any and Britt with the ney have a big difference here. I cannot STAND buffalo chicken! That’s just more for you, Brittney!)

8. And finally, in the spirit of my blog name, what do you “Just wanna finish?” 

hahah I just want to finish this email!! Olivia has literally been screaming and trying to grab the computer away from from the second I sat down to do this!! I swear it’s like she knows when I am doing something important!
Doesn’t she sound fun?! Go check her out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest! You won’t regret it. 

What do you think?