Making an Entrance with Sign Gypsies!

Disclaimer:This post contains a review, which I wrote in exchange for a Sign Gypsies greeting (which was donated to our local library). All opinions are my own. 


If you’ve been around this blog for long, you know that we adore our local library system. We frequent the Chandler Library the most because it’s the library I grew up attending. Plus, my kids and the librarians know each other well enough by this point, that if little guy and I have to run out to the van for 30 seconds to grab a diaper, Roo can keeping playing. Bless you wonderful women.

The summer reading program is in full swing at this point. There are activities at one or more branches of the Newburgh Chandler Library System nearly every day! This past week, Chandler hosted their summer carnival! It was full of carnival games, prizes, and snow cones. My kids ended up with more suckers and stamps than my laundry detergent could handle. The four year old got to play the games, while little guy was content to eat suckers in the umbrella stroller most of the time. By the time we played all the carnival games, chit chatted with the librarians, and ate our snow cone, we had just enough time to return some books before the kids were D-O-N-E.

The theme for the summer reading program this year is “Libraries Rock!” About the same time that I was signing the kids up for the summer program, I was contacted by a local business owner for Sign Gypsies. We discussed working together, but I just did not have any events coming up in my immediate future that were yard sign worthy. Then it dawned on me. . . the summer carnival! How fun would it be to have an entrance sign for the carnival?! Luckily the library and Emily from Sign Gypsies were all on board. I was excited to see what she could put together!

What an entrance!

If you aren’t familiar with Sign Gypsies, you are probably also from the Midwest, where trends take a little while to reach. It’s a fun way to celebrate milestones, achievements, and events! The company comes and sets the greeting up for you and then takes it away when the event is done.

I really enjoyed watching the families enter the carnival area, notice the sign, and then take the time to get a photo of their children next to the sign. It was not only a great entrance to the carnival, it was a fun spot for families to get a picture to remember the occasion! My daughter especially liked the mermaid and unicorn photo op spot. You can check out more examples of greetings here and here!

This is such a fun concept for adding that something extra to your party! I think it would be great for birthday parties, graduation parties, corporate events, or even to surprise a friend with a yard-sized birthday greeting!

I’m looking forward to taking the kids to more of the programs that the library system has to offer. They always have a good time, it’s free, and sometimes they even get prizes to take home! Last summer, we won enough free ice cream and cookies to have “special treat” days for weeks!


And just in case I’m looking like mother of the week for taking my kids to the library. . . Let’s come back to Earth for a moment.  Later that night, Bud found one of the aforementioned stamps that I had failed to hide. . . I heard Roo say, “Mama! He looks like a clown!” Oh yes, it is exactly what you’re picturing. . . Red ink all over his mouth, nose, hands, and some of his legs. I had to preface his well-child check-up the next day with, “Oh, don’t be alarmed by all of the red patches on his skin. . . it’s not contagious. It’s just (hopefully) non-toxic stamp ink.”


What do you think?