Kid-Friendly Easter Decor!

Disclosure: I was given product in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

When I decorate for holidays, I envision carefully placed figurines and flower arrangements. Then I quickly come down to reality when I remember that my kids rearrange anything they can reach. The bottom half of our Christmas tree was redecorated daily! Some would say, “Why bother?” but I like to have little nods to the seasons for my own fun, as well as to signal holidays and season changes to the kids.

So, how DO you decorate with “little helpers” around? I’ve started using holiday themed books and stuffed animals to decorate spaces within their reach. I like to put the books up on our piano and then put the stuffed animals on the bench. I like having a few “decorations” accessible to the kids because it’s an easy way to organically talk about the holidays. They’ll pick up one of the books and we’ll read it while they hold a stuffed animal. I use that opportunity to talk to them about the reason for the holiday and how we celebrate it.


Checkered Fun Toys sent us the SOFTEST bunny that I’ve ever felt. He’s so cuddly and cute. He looks perfect sitting next to an Easter basket. This sweet little bunny has traveled all over our house since the moment I opened the box. I believe my daughter’s exact words were, “MOM! This bunny is just SO FLUFFY and soft!” It has been the middle of a couple disagreements because both kids want to cuddle it! We asked our 16 month old to name it. . . He said, “Duck,” so that’s what we’ve been calling it!


Luckily, Checkered Fun Toys sent us a second toy. The excitement over the bunny was eclipsed by the squeals of, “It’s a uni-corrrrrn!!! A purple one!! EEEE!” She’s pretty excitable. . . As a bonus, the unicorn is now “hers” and the bunny is “his,” so we can avoid a lot of squabbles.




You can order your own cuddly bunny on Amazon with this link: Checkered Fun Bunny. Use the code  BUNNYRAB to receive 30% off the price of the bunny rabbit! (Code not valid on other Checkered Fun stuffed animals) It is valid March 12th through March 24th. Order soon to get it before Easter!

They also have a monkey, a dog, a lamb (which would also be good for Easter!), a teddy bear, and of course, the purple unicorn.


What do you think?