Kansas City for Toddlers

My husband travels pretty frequently for work. Sometimes it’s a quick overnight trip, but every now and then, he has a conference that is a few days long and just a drive away. When it works out, the kids and I like to tag along. It’s fun to make a family trip out of it, because the dates and location are already chosen, so I just have to figure out fun things to do!

This time, we traveled to Kansas City, Missouri! It was about an 8 hour drive from home with all of the potty stops and snack breaks. Luckily, there were plenty of clean rest stops and restaurants in between Southern Indiana and Kansas City!

Thanks to some recommendations from a friend, we had a really fun time with the kids. Kansas City has a lot to offer for families!

  1. Fritz’s Restaurant Crown Center
    Make this one of your first stops! The original owner of the restaurant was an inventor who designed a way to deliver food to the tables to help efficiency in his short-staffed diner. It has diner-style food at reasonable prices. You sit at the table and order food through the telephone and then your food is delivered by a train! There is also a train at the entrance that is perfect for photos. I suggest this as your first stop for the week because the hats that the kids get with their meals have a coupon for Legoland! We stopped at Fritz’s after Legoland, so we missed out on saving some money.
  2. Legoland Discovery Center
    Our daughter is a fan of the Lego Friends show on Netflix, so we thought Legoland would be a lot of fun! She did have fun in the Lego Friends area building pizzas, but I think the rest was a little overwhelming for her. She is three and just kind of into Legos. If she was more in the 5-7 range, I think she would have loved it. There were tons of building areas, a movie, and a couple rides. It is loud and busy, so for the easily overwhelmed, I’d go during the week when it’s less busy.
  3. Sea Life Aquarium
    We bought the combo ticket for Legoland and the Aquarium, expecting Legoland to be the big hit. We were wrong- BOTH kids LOVED the aquarium!! It is set up so well for their age. All of the exhibits were eye level for the three year old and easily viewed by the baby in the stroller! They were just in awe moving from pool to pool. The aquarium had a scavenger hunt set up where you had to find nine different stamp stations in order to get a prize at the end. It was good motivation for our daughter to move along to the next exhibit. I considered going back to the aquarium later in the week because the kids loved it so much.


    Yes, it’s a phone picture, but I had to sneak this cute picture while I was nursing the baby!

  4. Hallmark Kaleidoscope
    Hallmark has set up this creative child’s dream land in the Crown Center area. It is a little tricky to find, but if you start out in the Crown Center Mall, there are signs to lead you there. It’s free to attend their creative sessions (they clear everyone out periodically to replenish supplies). If you have a large group, you have to reserve a time.  Once you get there, there are art supplies and recycled materials set up in stations everywhere! There’s even a machine that turns your art into a puzzle! Be sure to check out the black light room. We almost missed it!
  5. Wonderscope
    I can’t stop telling people about Wonderscope!! It is a children’s museum set up in an old elementary school building. Each classroom is set up for a different interactive exhibit, like water play, a pretend vet clinic, and my daughter’s favorite, the grocery store. The classroom set up keeps each room from getting too crowded or overwhelming. They even had a baby room set up so my son could crawl freely! We could have spent all day exploring all the rooms!
    IMG_20170926_092730712.jpgCheck out the websites that I linked to really learn more about each location before you visit!

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