Influenster Finesse Vox Box

Disclaimer: I was sent an Influenster Box in exchange for my honest reviews of products. 

I received an Influenster Box full of products about a month ago. I’ve spent the last few weeks trying them out to see if I like them enough to buy them on my own.

  1. Not Your Mother’s Blue Sea Kale & Pure Coconut Water Weightless Mousse
    I think they could fit a couple more trendy words in the name if they tried. . . But seriously, I really liked this mousse! I was looking for a new mousse anyway, and then this arrived! It is the texture of foaming hand soap. It works really well to give a little lift to my hair when I blow dry it. I tried it for defining my waves/curls, and it did help them dry with a little more definition. It did not help them hold up to sleeping, but that’s okay. It also smells wonderful! I don’t tend to wear a lot of perfume or scented lotions anymore, so a yummy scent on my hair was very welcome!
    I ended up buying their Sea Salt Spray recently. I wore my hair twisted up in a claw clip for a day, then took it down and sprayed it with the Sea Salt Spray and it looked like I had intentionally curled my hair! I’m sure it was a fluke, but it sure made me happy that day!
  2. essie Gel Couture Nail Polish and Top Coat
    I would DEFINITELY buy this again. I received a pale pink polish that makes my nails look like I had  french manicure. It glides on easily. I needed 2-3 coats for sufficient coverage, but it dries quickly. The top coat is nice and thick. It makes it look like you have gel nails. They hold up to daily wear much better than other nail polishes. I want to find the base coat in another color because I like the product so much!
  3. OLLY Super Foods Smoothie
    I’ll be totally honest. I didn’t like it. But, I am not a huge fan of Stevia, which is what they used to sweeten the packet. The texture was a little gritty, but I might not have let it dissolve long enough. It does seem like it’s packed full of nutrients, so someone who is more used to protein shakes would probably love it!
  4. Minute ® Ready To Serve Organic Red Quinoa & Brown Rice with Garlic
    These are little individual packs that you heat up in the microwave. I thought it was pretty good on its own, but would probably opt to eat it with something. I think it would perfect to have on hand to pair with leftover veggies or chicken for lunch! Since I didn’t have any leftovers to throw in, I did spice it up a little with a squirt of sriracha. I would buy this again!

I really enjoy getting to try out new products! Especially when they’re free. But, of course, I already did buy another NYM product, and am looking for more essie colors. . . and I’ll probably buy the Minute rice again. So, you got me this time you sneaky brands!

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think?

What do you think?