I thought the drain was magic.

Guys, I have an embarrassing story for you. As some background information, you should know that when we moved into this house three years ago, I had a pixie cut, so my shedding hair wasn’t that noticeable and it just slipped down the shower drain.

My hair is just past shoulder length, and ever since giving birth to our second, I have been shedding a lot of hair (y’know, because you don’t lose as much during pregnancy sometimes, and then afterwards, hormones make it shed again). This, coupled with the fact that my hair is almost always pulled back, means it all sheds in the shower.

My husband looked at me recently with concern in his eyes and asked if I was okay. I was kind of confused and said, “Well, yes, as far as I know…? Why?” He said, “Well, I’ve just been cleaning a lot more hair out of the drain lately.”

I stopped and looked at him. . . “You’ve been cleaning out the drain? How long have you been doing that?”

“Um, like the last couple years. . .”


GUYS. I thought the shower drain was big enough that the hair was finding its way down. I thought we just had a magic drain that never got clogged.

I keep my house pretty clean (not perfect, a little cluttered, but mostly clean), yet somehow, the shower drain had escaped me. Actually, I know why it escaped me. My husband has been cleaning it for the last two years without saying a word about it. Haha, oh geez. In my defense, I’m always either exhausted, or in a big hurry when I jump in the shower, so, give me a little break.

I’d say this gets him a pass on any balled up socks I find in the laundry.

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