I just wanna finish my “junk” door hanger. . .

Today was one of those days where I just couldn’t get ahead on anything. The kids had terrible colds yesterday, and were starting to feel better today, but were still stage 5 clingers. Well, mostly the baby. But he didn’t want to be in the baby carrier, so I toted him around on my hip.

I spent the day wiping noses, trying to catch up on some of the social media stuff I’m supposed to do as a blogger, and looking at the ever-growing pile of dishes. We got through the morning, and for whatever reason, I thought that a simple DIY project would happen.

I thought, “You know what this world needs? A tutorial on how to make a spring decoration from junk around the house!” I figured the kids were entertaining themselves well enough that I could handle this. I thought it would take 30 minutes, 45, tops. I really wanted to make a door-hanger, but didn’t feel like getting up in the attic to get my spring wreath. You read that right. . . I already HAVE a spring wreath. I don’t need a door decoration. But my inner voice said, “Brittany, you need a new door decoration. How else will winter know to go away?”

Folks, this project took me SIX HOURS from start to finish. I should have just abandoned it at step one when I saw the warning signs of a quickly spiraling day, but no. I had all my materials out, and I was going to finish this, darnit! (In reality, under reasonable conditions, it will take you about 30 minutes.)

So, let’s get started. What did I have laying around the house? 

Oh, good. Wire hangers, glue gun, wire, and fabric. This is going to be a masterpiece. (A piece of styrofoam, a child’s pant hanger thing, and some straight pins end up in the pile as well.)

I rounded up all of our wire hangers. . . we only have 6 because I watched Mommy Dearest as a child and cannot fathom hanging my $500 dollar dresses on a wire hanger. (No, my $5 shirts only reside on the highest quality hangers from Old Navy) So the few that we had were hidden in corners of the closet. All of the other items are just assorted craft things. I’ll warn you that you need about 8 hot glue sticks for this project. So, now I need to put hot glue sticks on my shopping list.

Stretch the hanger into a vague petal shape. I’d go ahead and straighten out the hook to make your life easier at the end. Cut 6 petals that are at least an inch wider all the way around than your hanger. Use your glue gun and attach the fabric to the hanger. Bend the petal into a slight curve. Don’t bend it too much or the hot glue will come off the hanger. See how the pictures get progressively darker? It’s because I got interrupted about 500 times during this absolutely vital project and was losing natural light.

Cut a piece of styrofoam into a circle. Curse yourself for choosing styrofoam because those little foam pellets are now stuck to everything. Poke four holes in the styrofoam and push some fabric through to give the middle of your flower some texture. Attach the fabric to the styrofoam with straight pins and hot glue. The baby is guaranteed to want to be on your hip during this stage. That’s dangerous, so just abandon the project until you find a snack he wants and occupy him with that.

By this point, I was so determined that this project was going to be done (I wanted a giant flower on my front door!) that it was nearly dinner time and I had nothing made. My husband came through with a clutch play and got Chick Fil A. Score.

Lay two petals so they look like this: <>-<>. Wire the middle part together. Repeat until you have three pairs. Wire the three pairs together until it resembles a giant, slightly misshapen flower. Use hot glue, wires, magic, whatever to attach the flower center to the front. I’m hoping the mile of wire I used will help this thing hold up to the wind tonight.

THEN, we have the biggest “junk” piece of this whole craft. . . the children’s coordinated pants hanger. Okay, I used to use these when my daughter had tons of coordinated sets. Now that she’s almost 4 and mostly wearing stuff from the kids’ section instead of the toddler section, we do a lot of separates. These hangers are not useful anymore. I clipped it onto a couple of the unbent hooks, squirted some hot glue in there for good measure, and crossed my fingers that it worked.

There you go! My giant flower. I’m not going to call it a Pinterest win, I’m honestly just happy that I finished it. It’s hanging on my front door, and will likely blow away in the wind. But hey, if someone is looking for a zero dollar project that takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 6 hours, look no further! Or, just look for mine, floating away in the breeze. Actually, I’d love to see someone’s face if they found my junk project. “Did she use a. . . pants hanger to put it on her door?”

I feel the need to disclose that I do not actually have marble counter tops in my house. My kitchen has black counter tops that photograph horribly. So I make a better set up for myself.

What do you think? Pinterest fail? I particularly like that one petal is smaller than the others.





What do you think?