I just wanna finish my first blog post.

Where to begin?
I am married to my high school sweetheart. He is in the food manufacturing industry and I am an occupational therapist who recently decided to stay at home with our two children. I love the career I chose, and really enjoyed getting to work with families over the last few years, but kids are only little for such a short while. It really pained me to think of being away from them too much, even though I was only working part time. After a lot of discussion and crunching the numbers, we figured out that I could stay home with the kids. It has let me really dive into every aspect of homemaking, slowly but surely. That being said, I feel like I never finish anything and it makes me crazy!!
I love reading blogs and have thought more and more lately, “I could do this.” I’m not trying to be internet famous,  but I liked the idea of having a space to share ideas for child development, favorite recipes, my fully fleshed out complete thoughts, etc. (haha) I feel like my brain is just not what it used to be, so hopefully this new project will help keep me sharp! I have a lot of ideas for posts that I can’t wait to write! Who knows, maybe I’ll get my husband to help me out with some food science knowledge from time to time. We’ll drop some science on ya!
At this time, I want to keep my family’s names private. I share enough on my personal Facebook page, so if you want to be real-life friends, send me a message. For the rest of the internet, we’ll have nicknames. I’m Bee. My husband is Matt Damon (They look a lot alike!). My daughter is Roo and my son is Bud. The kids get a lot of nicknames, so those will probably change a lot!
So here we go. I’m dipping my toe in the water to see if it’s okay to jump on in.  Wish me luck!

What do you think?