I just wanna finish my… chats with tech support.

My blog has been a little quiet lately, but don’t worry, I didn’t quit on you! I have been in the process of moving my blog from WordPress.com to a self-hosted site. I have spent more time chatting with tech support than I have on anything content-related. Thankfully, it’s done. It wasn’t without its panic-inducing moments, though.

My advice to anyone who wants to start blogging: start with a self-hosted site through GoDaddy. It will save you a lot of trouble later. I started mine through WordPress.com because I was honestly expecting my writing to fizzle out due to time constraints, so I didn’t want to invest much in it. However, once I started writing, I found that I really enjoyed it! Getting to plan out my next posts gave my brain something interesting to do during the day. I stopped feeling like my wheels were turning, but had nowhere to go. My foggy mom-of-babies brain was clearing up and I felt like myself again! I had an excuse to take time to myself so that I could focus on writing posts for the week while my husband tended to the kids. I thought, “maybe I could really do this.” I decided to take the next step and become self-hosted.

That began my nearly two-week long chat with tech support of one kind or another. I went with Bluehost initially, but had to get my dad to help me get everything moved with that one (He’s the best tech support!). Once my blog was hosted with them, I had daily problems. Major problems. I had enough with them when I couldn’t even access my blog because they were having such widespread issues. I spent all of my “blog time” chatting with tech support. That is not why I want to do this. It was making me stress out over something that used to be fun.

I started a chat with GoDaddy and they were so incredibly helpful that I decided to switch hosts and get a refund from Bluehost. Everything went well during my account set-up, domain transfer, etc. What I didn’t expect, though, is that when I canceled my Bluehost account, there was a period of time that my site would be down. I’m not great at all of the technical lingo, so I’ll just leave it at that.

So, I tried to view my blog, and it was gone. Just. Gone. Not only that, I couldn’t log on to my blog’s admin page. It was all just gone. (Yes, I exported all of my blog’s files to my computer before the transfer. I had all my files, they just didn’t exist on my page anymore) To be perfectly honest, I had a little panic attack. I was so afraid that my sanity-saver was gone and I’d have to start all over.

Thankfully, I just had to be patient and wait for the DNS to propogate (did I phrase that correctly, Dad?) so that I could reconnect to my blog. Then a little beep-boop beep-boop to import my blog files, and it’s all there. Whew. I am working my way through posts to reload images that got compressed during file transfers, so bear with me.

Thank you all for your support!

What do you think?