Hello, 30!

Please send me your recommendations for retirement homes, because I’m officially old.


If you asked me my age and I had zero time to think about it, I’d probably say 27. I’m completely fine with being 30, but I don’t feel like a mature 30 year old woman. Somehow, I have a husband, two kids, and a mortgage, plus I drive a minivan, and I still feel more like a girl than a woman. Which is silly. It’s all semantics. I don’t really start to feel like a woman until I start thinking of all the differences between 20-year-old me and 30-year-old me.

20 year olds! I still have that necklace, but it’s in my daughter’s dress up stuff.

My Thoughts on Having Kids

20-year-old me: I want to have them as soon as possible after I get married! I would hate to be over 30 and still having babies!
30-year-old me: Thank goodness we waited a couple years before kids. We would have been broke as a joke if we had them straight out of the gate. I don’t feel geriatric yet, so I could have more. But by 35, I’m DONE! (Lol, we’ll see what happens by the time I’m 40).

My Thoughts on Jeans

20 year-old me: I will never wear high waisted pants! What a mom thing to do!
30-year-old me: Give me all of the high waisted jeans. All of them. You have jeans that go up to my boobs? Great. Are they made of spandex? Even better.

My Thoughts on Footwear

20-year-old me: These shoes are $10? Perfect! The sole is a piece of cardboard? Oh I will wear them ALL DAY! Old Navy flip-flops? I need at least 4 colors.
30-year-old me: I mean, these shoes are cute and all, but where’s the arch support? I just want some slip-ons with memory foam. Oh, and I need to get a supportive pair of athletic shoes for our active days. Better start looking for a great pair of cushioned sandals for this summer!

My Thoughts on Food

20-year-old me: I’ll just eat whatever I want at whatever time I want because heartburn doesn’t exist.
30-year-old me: Pizza for a bedtime snack? Oh goodness no. The heartburn would be killer! Better stick to a nice handful of almonds and some water. Maybe some ginger tea.

My Thoughts on Gray Hair

20-year-old me: I won’t get grays until I’m at least 35. I’m going to pluck any that I get before then!
30-year-old me: Aww, those silver strands are kind of cute. I just wish they’d all grow in one patch so I’d have a cool stripe.
(Side note: two of my blog friends wrote about grays this week!)

My Thoughts on Coffee

20-year-old me: Yuck! Only if it is totally disguised by lots of cream and sugar. Better yet, I’ll take a hot chocolate.
30-year-old me: I need this to survive. But after dinner it has to be tea or I’ll be up all night.

My Thoughts on Going out Late

20-year-old me: The party starts at 10? Perfect! That sounds totally reasonable!
30-year-old me: The party starts at 10? You mean AM, right? No? *dies laughing* No. Not happening.

My Thoughts on Making Plans

20-year-old me: I see my friends all the time, even though we’re soooo busy with school! It’ll be like this forever! It’s easy!
30-year-old me: Would you like to do lunch June 15th? You’re busy then, too? Okay, July 22nd, I’ll put it in my calendar.

My Thoughts on Alcohol

20-year-old me: I mean, I can’t legally drink. . . (Looks around nervously) But if I did, it would be super fruity and I wouldn’t feel anything past a headache in the morning. Might just need some orange juice.
30-year-old me: Oh, yeah, I’ll have like half a beer I guess. You want to just split one with me? I’ll be so groggy in the morning if I drink a full one. I’ll leave the Tylenol out for the morning.

My Thoughts on my Parents

20-year-old me: Ugh, they have no idea. They are being so ridiculous.
30-year-old me: OH MY GOODNESS, they were right about everything.

My Thoughts on Music

20-year-old me: Whatever’s on the radio! I’ll listen to anything!
30-year-old me: What is this “trap music?” Who are we trapping? Maybe we should let them go.

My Thoughts on Turning 30

20-year-old me: I will have everything figured out by the time I’m 30. I’m going to be so adult-y. But I’ll also be SO OLD.
30-year-old me: Well, I don’t have everything figured out yet, but I definitely don’t feel old. 30 feels pretty good, actually. I’m a lot less concerned with what other people think and more concerned about what’s best for my family.

He will assure you that he is NOT 30 YET. But it’s coming. Real soon.


Anyone else have good 20 versus 30 comparisons?




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  1. As always, thanks for an entertaining post. BTW, I’m turning 60 this year—twice your age, young’un! (I’d share my thoughts on 60, but, y’know, this arthritis is making it hard to type…) 😉

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