Grandparents Day!

I want to take a minute to talk to you about Grandparents Day and how my attitude about it has totally changed.

(Any of my children’s grandparents: don’t look at the pictures if you want to be surprised by your Grandparents Day present!)

My first year as a mother, I didn’t really know Grandparents Day existed. When it popped up on the calendar, I felt like I failed because I didn’t really do anything to celebrate it for my daughter’s grandparents, or my own. Then, I got confused. I had just celebrated my mother and grandmothers on Mother’s Day, and now there was a holiday that seemed basically the same a couple months later? I am definitely not against celebrating all the wonderful people in my life, but it gets kind of overwhelming! Not only was I celebrating my mom, mother in law, and all of the grandmothers, I was supposed to celebrate them from my daughter’s perspective, too? Why are we having redundant holidays?! Is it new?! (According to Wikipedia, it’s been around since 1978. President Carter and Congress declared the first Sunday after Labor Day as National Grandparents Day. Now you know!)

Over the last year, I realized what a great holiday Grandparents Day could be. Mother’s Day can be dedicated to the generation before: my husband and I celebrate our mothers, our parents can celebrate their mothers. The same pattern for Father’s Day. Then when Grandparents Day rolls around, I can help my kids make some adorable little craft to give to their two grandmas, two grandpas, 4 great-grandmas, and 2 great-grandpas. I can separate the holidays a bit so we can recognize our parents and grandparents for different reasons, while making it a little easier on myself in the process.

My kids are so lucky to have so many grandparents and great-grandparents. They all absolutely dote on our children and help them feel happy and loved. My kids light up when they see their grandparents and great-grandparents. So instead of layering their recognition in with Mother’s or Father’s Day, where we celebrate those who raised us, I’d rather dedicate time to showing how much we appreciate the role of the grandparents in our children’s lives on a separate day.

This year, we made a simple card out of supplies we had in our craft bins. My daughter (3) did really well with keeping the paint on the paper and not on the table or her. Doing this project with my son (10 months), was like wrestling an octopus. Fair warning. Be prepared with lots of baby wipes!

DSC_0311 (2)

See? Pretty simple. I wrote the “To” and “From” lines on the back of the card along with the kids’ ages. 


My most recent post was about giving kids freedom with craft supplies, so I realize this is a little contradictory. This post has a craft that is really more for the parent to do with the kid’s compliance, at least at the age my children are right now. An older child could help a little more.


Ooooh, I just love those little baby feet! 

Happy Grandparents Day!

What do you think?