Fun Bath Toys!

I have had the opportunity to work with Checkered Fun Toys again! They sent toys for my children to test, and in return, I’m posting our honest review! You can check out the reviews of the other fun products we’ve received from Checkered Fun here and here

My kids never turn down a bath. How could you turn down playing in a mini-swimming pool with all of your fun bath toys?! Thankfully, they’re still young enough that I can plop them both in the tub together and they have a great time splashing around and playing with toys.

At least until it’s time to wash hair. The girl (almost 4) has finally figured out that she will survive. . . The boy (18months), is not so sure. He tries to climb out of the tub at that point. Too bad, bud, you’re far too stinky to skip any part of the bath! 

Checkered Fun Bath Toys

Our newest toys from Checkered Fun have been a big hit in the bathtub! As soon as I opened the package, the kids wanted to play with the Princess Bath Toy and the Pirate Bath Toy. They need a little help to get the pirate ship assembled, but then it’s all hands on deck for the search for buried treasure! Sometimes, the princess leads the way for the treasure hunt! The foam construction floats on the water, sticks to the side of the bathtub, and then dries out easily when bath time is over. One of my favorite features is the mesh bag that is included with the purchase. It gives the kids a place to put their toy pieces so that we don’t lose anything.

See how handy that is?

Now, I don’t really do bathtub pictures of my kids, so we headed outdoors and had a little bit of water table type fun! My daughter had a whole narrative about the princess taking back the treasure from the pirate, and by the end of the adventure, the pirate ship had been dismantled by the princess. Girl power!

Arrgh, matey!

What do your kids like to play with in the bath?


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