Bubble Guppies Live!

Thanks to Macaroni Kid Evansville, my family and I got to attend Bubble Guppies Live! The tickets were complimentary in exchange for our feedback. 

If you have had kids any time in the last decade, you’ve likely heard of Bubble Guppies. If you haven’t, I highly suggest checking them out. It’s an animated show from Nickelodeon that is based on a group of young merpeople, their fish teacher (Mr. Grouper), and Bubble Puppy. The characters are all sweet, polite, and helpful, which is very important to me as a parent of little kids!

It’s full of catchy little songs and cute stories. It does use a few of the same songs over and over, but the kids like that familiarity. I’ve caught myself on more than one occasion singing, “What time is it? It’s time for lunch!” while getting my kids to the table, because what better way is there to announce lunch time?

We were so excited to get the opportunity to go to Bubble Guppies Live here in Evansville! The kids had never been to a live show like that, so I wasn’t sure how it would go. Luckily, the kids did a great job! We got in to the Old National Events Plaza and it was full of parents and their babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. I was pleased that everyone was so patient with each other because we were all herding our own tiny crews through the distractions of the merchandise tables and concession lines.

The show was very entertaining! The enthusiasm and energy from the cast kept the attention of all the young attendees around us. The performance started with the Bubble Guppies band losing its star member: Bubble Puppy! My 4 year old really got into pointing out Bubble Puppy every time he popped up on stage. She was jumping up and down at one point, shouting “There he is!! Turn around!” She was on the edge of her seat (or on her feet) the whole show! My 18 month old boy was enthralled for the first 20 minutes, but got squirmy after that. Luckily, the show designers are really smart and scheduled an intermission at 45 minutes through the show. Great idea for a show that is packed with people with tiny bladders and short attention spans! My daughter and I headed to Pappy and Grammy’s Popcorn stand to get some delicious kettle corn for our squirmy little guy. The second half was just as entertaining as the first, especially some yummy popcorn for a snack.

The performance ended with the cast singing one of their classic bits, “Outside, outside! Outside, everybody, outside!”

My family really enjoyed this live performance! My 4 year old has been telling everyone about seeing Bubble Guppies on stage! Now that I know they can behave well for a performance, we’ll definitely keep our eye on the schedule for more kid-friendly live shows at the Old National Events Plaza.

(Not my photo)


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