Brother and Sister

One of my favorite little moments to catch are when my kids are playing together. Roo never fails to make her little brother belly laugh and he thinks she is just the coolest person on the planet. Little guy isn’t quite big enough to play cooperatively, but you’d better believe that if he has the chance to bang some toys together while sitting next to his sister, he is right there. If he cries in the car (no, change that to WHEN, because he always cries in the car), Big Sis starts singing songs to cheer him up. They already have a bond that is so much fun to watch.

DSC_0406 (3)

It’s not all giggles and hugs, but the sweet playtimes outweigh the too-hard head pats and the toy-stealing. Recently, they were both playing in his crib and I kept hearing “I love you SOOOOO MUCH, Bud!!” I went to investigate, and found out there was a wrestling match going on. It’s a good thing he is a sturdy, sturdy baby! She loves him a little too hard sometimes.

DSC_0404 (2)

I try to give them opportunities to play together by having toys that they can both enjoy be the most easily accessible. Taking turns may not be in their collective skill set quite yet, but I think that having their hands on the same toys will help that develop eventually.


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