Big Announcement!


Things have been fairly quiet around this blog lately. It’s taken a back seat to a big life change in our house. . . We’re expecting our third baby! I am halfway through this pregnancy, and let me tell you, the third time around has been a doozy! Raising two while growing one has been exhausting.

We recently found out that it is another boy! He’s due at the end of November, which is just amazingly convenient. His older brother’s clothes are all the right season AND we’ll get to claim him on our taxes next year! What a good little guy.

Our daughter was CONVINCED that this baby was a girl. She was so sure, that I was also convinced it was a little girl. So, I was a little surprised when the ultrasound tech moved the wand over my belly and I immediately saw a head, arms, legs, annnnnnd a penis. My first thought was, “How do I break it to Roo?” She was already picking out girl names and telling people that she was going to have a baby sister. She actually took it much better than I expected. Her response? “Oh man, now we have to put a hat on it instead of a bow.” And then she moved on. Crisis averted.

First Trimester Recap

So, I’m going to just recap what’s gone on so far. I found out I was pregnant on Good Friday after being a few days late and craving ice water (always my first sign). I took a test before bed, and as soon as that second line appeared, I flipped on the bedroom light and told my husband, “Uh, you’re going to want to wake up for a minute.” It happened a little quicker than we had really expected this time around, so it was kind of shock mixed with excitement.

I was so, so nauseous for at least a month, possibly two. It’s a blur.  All I know is that all of my brain power and energy went to taking care of the kids, figuring out what wasn’t going to make me gag, and psyching myself up to eat. For a couple weeks, I could hardly stand up straight because I felt so gross. It was like my insides were just sticking together. It was miserable. I did get some relief by taking B6 and Unisom at night, so at least I could sleep and wake up less nauseous. My poor kids were parented by Netflix and fed whatever I could make in 30 seconds or less. I took them to family members’ houses so that they would at least get some quality attention during the day. My husband had to work all day, pick up dinner, and wrangle the kids until I could get up the energy to help him get them to bed.

So, other than a couple of sponsored posts that had deadlines, the blog took a recess. That’s the beauty of something like this. You can pick it back up when you feel human again.

Now, I feel like I should say that even though I was miserable, I am thankful for every uncomfortable symptom that pregnancy throws my way. Many women don’t get the chance to be pregnant, so I don’t want any “complaining” that I do to come across as ungrateful.

Second Trimester Recap

Nausea has pretty much left me alone by now. Next up on the fun pregnancy symptoms is SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction), also known under the umbrella term of PGP (yeah you know me! I mean, pelvic girdle pain). This happens to me every single time. . . I start feeling pretty good, stomach wise, and then BOOM, I can’t roll over in bed without hurting. I’ve learned each pregnancy what my limits are, what helps, and what hurts.

Nothing helps and everything hurts.

Kidding. Kind of. I’ll go more into detail in another post, along with some suggestions to hopefully help another momma!

Whoa, We’re Halfway There!

I’m 20 weeks along now and look like I’m smuggling a progressively larger watermelon these days! Because of the way I’m put together, I just look a little bloated until about week 18, and then BOOM, there’s a pregnant belly. I like this stage. I’m not quite waddling everywhere I go, but I look pregnant enough that I can fully make the switch to maternity clothes.

Our daughter is really excited and asks about the new baby every day. Our son is only 20 months and in total denial. We ask him if he’s ready for a new baby, and he shakes his head and says, “nooooooo.” He loves seeing other babies and is really great with baby dolls, though, so I have hope that we’ll all coexist peacefully.

Now we just have to figure out how to fit another person in our house. . .





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