Meet Bee.


Welcome to my outlet! I am a stay-at-home mother of two. Before deciding to devote my days (and nights) to managing our house to the best of my abilities, I was working as an occupational therapist. I loved my job, and plan to return to the field eventually. But for now, I am so thankful I can give 100% of myself to my family.

Now, if I’m so fulfilled with motherhood, why did I feel the need to start a blog? Because the kids were stealing my brain and I needed it back. I was having days where I honestly felt like I couldn’t put together coherent sentences. I realized that most of my communication was through texts, Facebook posts, and broken conversations in between caring for the kids. I was hardly completing a thought, and it was making me feel crazy.  I tossed around ideas for a blog until my most repeated phrase fell out of my mouth:

“I just wanna finish my. . .”
TV show.
Phone call.
Kitchen remodel.
OMG I’d love to finish a thought.

. . . and so a blog was born.

I am a southern Indiana based lifestyle blogger. I want to share the knowledge and experiences I have while making new connections and learning new things along the way. My wish is that I can share something meaningful or helpful to even one other person on the internet.