A Pirate Parrrrrty!

We threw a party for our little swashbuckler for his first birthday! I made approximately zero of the decorations, his invites were sent by Facebook, and I didn’t cook a thing, but I thought the party ended up pretty cute and very doable!

We have a pass-through form the kitchen, so I took a grey tablecloth and cut strips into it to make a backdrop for the food and decorations.

I bought the pirate themed decorations from Hobby Lobby. They even had a pack of assorted scrapbook paper that had pirate prints on clearance! Score! I don’t scrapbook, but you bet I used those pages to decorate! Did I fold and cut them into amazing papercraft decorations? Nope! I laid them out on the counter and put the food trays on top of them. Super fancy.

Cooking too many things before a party hasn’t always turned out well for me in the past. I drop things, I leave out an ingredient, I get frustrated, my husband has to help me salvage it. . . you get the idea. So I went super-low prep on this. We ordered nuggets from Chick-Fil-A (or Chickalay, as the girl calls it), and had fresh fruits, veggies, and goldfish. My mom made an adorable treasure map cake with a treasure chest smash cake.

I overestimated how many nuggets we’d actually need, but the kids didn’t mind. They got leftover nuggets for daaaaays!

I bought these cute little signs at Hobby Lobby thinking that I could use my chalkboard pen on them and reuse them… wrong. Those words are on there permanently. Word of advice, just use chalk on these babies.


How cute is this little treasure chest?

So there you have it, a very simple party for our favorite little boy! Do you DIY or do you buy decorations?

What do you think?